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Maybe I'm Amazed

3 Legs

Heart Of The Country

Mary Had A Little Lamb (version 1)

Mary Had A Little Lamb (version 2)

C Moon

My Love

Helen Wheels

Junior's Farm

Band On The Run


Let Me Roll It

Letting Go

Listen To What The Man Said

Hi Hi Hi

Silly Love Songs

Mull Of Kinture

Mull Of Kinture (version 2)

London Town

With A Little Luck

I've Had Enough

Goodnight Tonight

Getting Closer

Spin It On

Again And Again And Again

Old Siam, Sir

Arrow Through Me

Winter Rose/Love Awake

Baby's Request

Rockestra Theme

Wonderfull Christmastime



Coming Up


Ebony And Ivory

Ebony And Ivory (Solo version)

Tug Of War

Take It Away

Here Today

Say Say Say

Pipes Of Peace

So Bad

No More Lonely Nights

No More Lonely Nights (special dance remix)

Spies Like Us


Only Love Remains

Pretty Little Head


Once Upon A Long Ago

Ou Est Le Soleil?

Party Party

My Brave Face

This One (version 1)

This One (version 2)

Put It There


We Got Married


90-е и 00-е


All My Trails

P.S. Love Me Do

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Hope Of Deliverance

C' mon People

Off The Ground

Biker Like An Icon

The World Tonight

Young Boy

Beautiful Night

Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

No Other Baby


Lonely Road

Your Loving Flame

From A Lover To A Friend

Driving Rain (Remix)

Fine Line

Dance Tonight



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