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IX - Nova


Anti-Alarm Call

Call It a Day


Black Jacket

Her Spirit


To Find the Joy

Irish Language


Rocking On!

Dawn Star

She Is...


To Be Said



Don't get up just yet

It's much too cold and wet


Better stay in bed

Hibernate instead


Fifteen minutes more

What are you waiting for?

Back into your dreams


Better stay inside

Hibernate and hide



It's only a matter of hours

Since lurching to left right

Hunched in half light

I dropped from the day night

And sped across fields --


Music for ear drums

Lemon for sore gums

Brambles for bare bums --


Call it a day.



I would come back from a run

With lines of poerty to tell

And having listened, she would say

"What a mind."


She'd fold my words inside her head

And though the lines may not have been

Supreme, she wasn't merely being kind

She meant it, what she said


And I am blessed

For she said "What a mind."



Sadness isn't sadness

it's happiness

in a black jacket


Death isn't death

it's life

that's jumped off a tall cliff


Tears are not tears

They're balls

of laughter

dipped in salt.



Her spirit moves wind chimes

When air is still

And fills the rooms

With fragrance of lily


Her eyes blue green

Still seem

Perfectly happy

With nothing


Her spirit sets

The water pipes a humming

Fat lektronic force be with ya sound


Her spirit talks to me

Through animals

Beautful creature

Lay with me


Bird that calls my name

Insists that she is here

And nothing

Left to fear


Bright white squirrel

Foot of tree

Fixes me

With innocent gaze


Her spirit talks to me



Listening to glistening bells

Ding dong mantras honey coat a parching thirst

Inner singer shouts out mantra

Drown out lucy nation's chatter


Count for nothing

To count for count's sake


To no total

To repeat

Not to remember, but

To not remember


To meditate


To listen for nothing

Hear no reason


Mantra discovers

Naughty boy

Inside my mind

Try to write poetry




Gland opening


Ma shall law declare

Pa takes of of the feast

Cunt hooks, quim, minge

Knob and tool

Words I often heard at school

Shall I fear to now repeat

Words that whisteled down our street?




Man tra la la

Man trap




Mantra mantra


Love sound no meaning



Seagulls bright white glint

Against a charcoal morning sky

Enough for lovers to see heaven by

But fox and rabbit badger yeah

And seagull too think harder crueller thoughts --

Do or be done to --

No poet's joy for them


Seagulls spiral whirl

Against the sullen oak

No scientific thought informs

Their common madcap tribal swirl


For them the warming sun

Not only warms but shines

A harsher light to be discovered by

An overshoulder ever-watchful life

While we will quieten our disquiet

To find the joy.



Those Irish chappies

Have a fine sense of it

This language of ours


They toss it in the air

Like a snowball


Dribble it through their fingers

Like the guy in the movie


Tell tales that fell

Off the back of a lorry

Carting logs for the furnace


Swill it round their mouths

And let the spittle dry


Slowly out.


Tickle, tumble,

Fiddle, fumble,

Bimble, bumble


To be sure of anything

Would be a fine thing


To be sure

As Spike says --

The Beatles were a bunch of Micks.



Steel yourself against the rapid fire

Confusion of events that masquerade as life

Bullet holes in time's demented curtain.



I want to smell

your underarm odour

I want to drink

your ice cream soda



about our childhood

What we did

in deepest wildwood


Let's remember fifites cars

And hanging out in

late-night bars


Want to give

your back a rub

Then jump into

a foamy tub


Laugh at all

your High School jokes

One too many

Scotch and Cokes


Want to stroke

your furry kitten

Don't be shy

you won't be bitten


When we've seen

the babies doze off

Let me see you

take your clothes off


When this world is

dead and gone

We will still be

Rocking on!



You are

the brightest star

in a blue dawn



above us

between us


we gaze admiringly

like Jupiter



She is...


the Yin to my Yang


the I to my Ching


the See to my Saw


the Head to my Tails


the Lily of my Valley.



I lost my wife

She lost her life

until then the luxury

of no responsibility

Chopper wouldn't

fall that night

as,clenched inside of glove

we sucked

each other's energy.



There's a lot of be said

There's nothing to be said


My love is alive

My love is dead


I hear her voice

Inside my head


There's a lot to be said

There's nothing to be said


There's a lot to remember

A lot to forget


My love is hot

My love is wet

As if it was

The night we met


There's a lot to remember

A lot to forget


There's a lot to be said

There's nothing to be said.



Are You there?

God where are You?

Are you hiding in Your Heaven?

Or beneath your deepest sea?

Was there something in our past imperfect?

Is it something that we should have known?

God where are You?

Are you hiding God?

Are you hiding in the rain?

Are you hiding?

Are you there?


I am here.

I am here in every song you sing

In the wings of a rising lark

Through the darkness to the morning light.

I am here

I am here now.

I am with you.

I am here as ev'ry flake of snow

Washing white on the countryside.

As each green blade stretches for the sun over them.

I am here watching over them.

I am here as first a new born babe opens eyes on the universe.

With each step I'll be that arm that guides

Now and then 'til the end of time.




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