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Мескиканское турне (2002)


Состав группы:

Пол Маккартни

Брайан Рэй

Расти Андерсон

Пол "Уикс" Уикенс

Эйб Лабориэл Мл.


Программа выступления:

"Hello Goodbye", "Jet", "All My Loving", "Getting Better", "Coming Up", "Let Me Roll It", " Lonely Road", "Driving Rain", "Your Loving Flame", "Blackbird", "Every Night", "We Can Work It Out", "Mother Nature's Son", "Vanilla Sky", "You Never Give Me Your Money" / "Carry That Weight", "The Fool On The Hill", "Here Today", "Something", "Eleanor Rigby", "Here, There And Everywhere", "Band On The Run", "Back In The U.S.S.R.", "Maybe I'm Amazed", "C Moon", "My Love", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Freedom", "Live And Let Die", "Let It Be", "Hey Jude", "The Long And Winding Road", "Lady Madonna", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Yesterday", "Mull Of Kintyre", "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)" / "The End".


Список концертов:




Концертная площадка






Palacio de los Deportes



Palacio de los Deportes



Palacio de los Deportes



Данная часть американского турне называлась "Driving Mexico".





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